10 Little Gourds To Cure Your Seasonal Depression

Fall is in the air, the leaves are turning, and your seasonal depression is coming back. So here are 10 little gourds to cure your seasonal depression, you sad sack.

1. Look at this one. It’s all lumpy, just like the bed you’ve been laying in for two days. Get up and take a shower.

2. This one is really pale and kind of shiny. It sort of looks like you at this point.

3. This one has really good vibes, right? Like, it’s just really nice to be around.

4. Have you ever seen such a round little gourd? It’s definitely not worrying about its waistline.

5. Green, lumpy, and little. Three qualities of a great gourd but not a good look for the food in the back of your fridge.

6. This one is a pumpkin. I bet you didn’t even notice.

7. Oh, look! It’s a striped one. It looks like the sun filtering through leaves… two things you won’t see for months.

8. These are twins! It must be nice to have a friend. Have you tried calling one of yours?

9. This gourd is almost as big as that secret stash of candy you have in your sock drawer.

10. Can you say skinny legend? This gourd is slim, trim, and better than you.

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