4 Essential Oils That Are Way Cheaper Than Chemotherapy

We can all agree that cancer sucks. But you know what’s worse? The financial strain it can put on you and your family when trying to pay for treatments whose costs soar into the hundreds of thousands. But have no fear! Essential oils can provide life-changing relief at a fraction of the price of chemotherapy.

Check out these popular and budget-friendly oils whose healing powers have been guaranteed by our neighbor.

Frankincense Essential Oil: $12.99

Fresh and balsamic, this oil helps freshen the air of your home, which is crucial because every breath you have left should be enjoyed! Often used for grounding the mind during meditation, it will help you focus on the blissful thought of how much money you saved by forsaking Western medicine.

Rosemary Essential Oil: 19.99

If you love the smell of Christmas and hate the idea of leaving your surviving loved ones penniless and destitute, this one’s for you! It’s great for strengthening hair follicles, giving it a real leg up on the classic chemotherapy approach that ravages both your scalp and your wallet.

Lavender Essential Oil: $14.79

Lavender is the most popular essential oil of all time due to its calming aromatic effects. Use it to channel the serenity of a Dutch flower field. Afterwards, pat yourself on the back for treating your cancer with an affordable solution that wellness experts call “incredibly relaxing.”

Sweet Orange Essential Oil: $16.00

A mood-boosting dose of fresh citrus will help your family cope with your impending departure. While there’s no evidence proving it will do anything to eradicate your terminal illness, its uplifting scent will allow you to forget about it for a few moments.

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