80% Of Workout Spent Staring In Mirror

Sources are reporting that Brooklyn resident and Unique Fitness member Walter Roberts spent 80% of his last workout staring at himself in the mirror.

“Urgh!” grunted Roberts as he did a few push-ups right in front of the mirror, admiring his contracting muscles. “Got nothing!”

Unique Fitness staff members confirm that Roberts also completed a set of bicep curls at one point, but he quickly lost interest and then turned to the side so he could examine a reflection of his profile.

While the workout was an hour long in total, Roberts hardly exercised for 50 minutes. Witnesses claim that when Roberts wasn’t admiring his physique in the mirror, he was getting a closeup of his facial features with his iPhone camera.

Other fellow gym-goers claim that Roberts did some sit-ups towards the end of his workout, then remained on the floor and scrolled down Instagram for the next three minutes.

“I don’t think I saw him pick up a single piece of equipment,” said Ray Martin, a personal trainer at the Unique Fitness where the incident took place. “But I have to admit, that mirror reflected him in some really good lighting.”

At press time, Roberts had already been staring at himself for ten minutes in the locker room.

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