We’re Extremely Drunk And About To Blow Our Sponsorship Deal With Almond Breeze

we are here to write a review of everyone’s favorite plant-based bevarage. Almond Breeze!! If you are looking for vegan milk subistute, look no further. Almond Breeze!! it is very good just as good as real cow piss. Eat it on cereal! or something else whatever u want

oh who are we kidding we can’t do this anymore. almond breeze is OK but nothing to get all worked up over. Like its milk, milk is not that exciting.. we have been supposed to write this review for months now but keep putting it off. almond breeze tol us we have to post it by the end of the week or no more sweet sweet $$ from blue diamond

so who can blame us we had a few drinks to make it easier to write bc in all honestly we do not care that much (do not tell blue diamond). Dont judge, u might do it too if you had to spend your free time writing reviews of almond milk. like its almond milk

OK to be honest we do not drink almond milk that often, only when it is lying around because blue diamond sends us so many cartons. couldnt they send real milk instead? like lol chill w the almond milk

Almond milk is very low calorie snack and is a good option if you are vegan, lactose-in-tolerant, or just want fresh almond milk!!

 to be completely honest tho we do not hate almond milk it is just nothing to call home about. the one with added sugar is a lot better and also we think ther;’s a chocolate version which is good for if u want chocolate milk and for some reason or other dont eat dairy

we heard it was bad for the environment but aren’t sure if that’s true so it’s probably fine. there’s nothing like a fresh cup of white almond miK!

hopefully this review is good blue diamond. if so just send us the money and we will continue to try and force people to believe almond milk is a good milk. if not we will reach out to oatly

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