We Tried This Low-Carb Yoga Mat So You Don’t Have To

New year, new you, right? And what better way to reinvent yourself than incorporating some healthy new foods into your diet? That’s exactly why we tasted the best low-carb yoga mat on the market… and we can’t recommend it enough!

Let’s start with the positives: the FlexFit yoga mat has an almost perfect chew, it was light and airy without being too unsubstantial, and the mat was an appetizing shade of luminous green.

Something else we can’t ignore is the mat’s impressive nutrition profile. At only 200 calories per square foot, FlexFit’s mat ranks as one of the healthiest pieces of fitness equipment available. And nine grams of fiber as well? That’s even better than resistance bands!

We’d recommend tossing cubes of the mat in a salad, using it in a stir-fry, layering a slice in a lettuce wrap, or just eating it raw!

We’d give the mat a full 10/10 rating if it didn’t get so stuck in our teeth. So for now, we’ll leave it at a solid 9/10. But if you have some floss on hand, it can’t be beat.

Now, what makes this yoga mat from FlexFit so special? It contains a delicious secret ingredient called Azodicarbonamide. Azodicarbonamide is a chemical substance used in manufacturing to create the chewy, soft, and airy yoga mats that we all find so tasty.

And here’s even more great news: although global supply chain issues have wreaked havoc on the home fitness equipment industry, these mats have stayed on the shelves of major retailers across the country, as new data suggests that health-conscious shoppers are more likely to purchase whole wheat yoga mats.

Wow, all this talk about yoga mats is making us hungry. Someone pass the Azodicarbonamide!

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