Wait What? Apparently Girls Wipe After They Pee

Okay, we haven’t 100% confirmed this one, but someone just told us that girls wipe after they pee.

Is that true? We feel like someone’s messing with us here.

Seriously, can anyone confirm this? It sounded like a big joke at first, but now the more we think about it, we guess it makes sense, maybe?

You know what, it’s possible that the woman who told us this does wipe after she pisses, but she just thinks that all other women do too. Right? That’s probably the case, otherwise we would’ve heard about this before.

Honestly, if this is real, it’s kinda gross.

Woah, think about how much more quickly girls must go through toilet paper. That must get expensive! Something about this isn’t ringing quite true.

So they wipe every single time after they take a leak or only if it’s, like, a lot? And do they use the same type of toilet paper, or is it toilet paper made specifically for piss?

Wow — we’ll never look at women the same ever again!

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