Top 10 Notes We Found In Our Notes App The Day After 4/20

April 20th may have come and gone, but the notes we hastily typed out on our phone after scarfing down our third gummy at 3 am are here to stay. From philosophical musings that make Foucault look like a straight-up idiot to surefire billion-dollar business ideas, our Notes section will never be the same again. These notes sounded like absolute gems at the time, but upon further, clear-eyed review… they sound even better. Here are the top 10 notes we found in our Notes app the day after the best day of the year.

1. short film that lasts three hours

2. cat named Meow Zedong

3. every Tv show should do what the wire did and only cast actors who were on the wire

4. Im not allergic to pineapples

5. quack quack motherfucker: ducks are in charge now

6. a podcast.

7. the trees are pissed

8. 666

9. everything in life is just people going about and all over trying to think about what life actually is and then they waste their time thinking because there isn’t even enough energy or life to go around because that’s all life is and then the next day they just do it all again. And the answer to all of that is weed but that’s what they think and then it’s just what they want us to think because we keep doing the exact same things over and over again and those are just all the things that life is. We need to tell we need to tell we need to tell Ben because he is the only one that will understand the others might see it but they can’t understand it’s coming for me it’s coming for me it’s coming for me stop. If we don’t get to Ben no one will ever understand. We just need to think about all the things in life and then go back to the basics which are that nothing in life or in the world is free. We don’t remember his name and what he told us all we know is that it isn’t the answer and there are so many things in life but we will never know or see.

10. THey’re coming for us they’re coming for all of us they’re coming for you we hear him

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