We Tried 6 Different Resistance Bands And They All Tasted Horrible

Resistance bands have made a name for themselves in the world of physical betterment, with many gym rats praising these affordable, easily storable, highly effective tools. However, we tried the six top resistance bands on the market, and we have to be honest: they all tasted horrible. Here’s our round-up of these six unappetizing, downright disgusting exercise assistants.

Nike Resistance Band (Heavy)

As one of the top selling bands worldwide, we figured it would be safe to start with the gold standard. You don’t go to McDonald’s and not try the Big Mac, right? Well, we were wrong. We were immediately met with strong notes of latex and rubber, and a consistency that reminded us of… latex and rubber. Yeah, we don’t think we’ll be ordering this with a side of fries any time soon.

Gymshark Elite Band Pro

A bit thinner than the previous snack, we had high hopes for this band. Unfortunately, it was just as rubbery and artificially flavored as the first one. We give it two thumbs down.

GoFit ProGym Extreme Workout Resistance Bands

Probably the worst yet. We tried our best to at least finish our portion, but the handles don’t go down smooth at all.

TRX Strength Bands

They say taste is 80% smell, which got our hopes up for this one. As soon as we took them out of the box, we detected a delicious scent somewhere between new car and good gasoline. But our first bite was so tough, we’re still picking bits of band out of our teeth.

SKLZ Mini Resistance Bands

We thought maybe a nice glass of Pinot noir would help this one go down easier, but now we’re just a little tipsy and eating tough, nauseating workout equipment. Ah well, good journalism’s never easy.

Fitness Gear Resistance Tubes

We’ve got a belly full of resistance bands and a credit card bill of over $500, but finally we’re onto the last one. The texture was similar to that of a bungee cord, and the bands also looked like bungee cords. We thought maybe it was like that cake video where things that don’t look like cake are actually cake, but unfortunately this was not cake. Just another nearly impossible-to-swallow bite of disappointment. We don’t care how good these things are for you — we’ll stick to our usual healthy snack of an ab roller and half a yoga mat, thank you very much.

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